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Why Choose Water Resistant Flooring?


Splashed something on it?

The AQUA ZERO floor is ideal for a kitchen where there is a lot going on. It’s splash-proof so, wet cleaning and unexpected accidents are not a problem for our floor.


Spilled water under the plant pots? No worries.

For a lot of people, a home without flowers is not a home. For some, the home garden is a getaway from everyday life, a moment of relaxation and respite. Quick and easy cleaning of splashes or sprinkled soil on the AQUA ZERO floor saves time and is really convenient. You can focus on your passions and your pleasure.


A pet in the apartment?

Every pet owner knows what constantly dirty and splashed floors are like. Pet footprints or splashing water while drinking is a common occurrence. Taking care of cleanliness becomes more of a pleasure with the AQUA ZERO floor. Its resistance to dirt and splashes gives a sense of real comfort, and the results of cleaning will last for a long time.


Family games and activities – it’s easier than you think!

Creative family games at home are a real pleasure with the AQUA ZERO floor. Painting, drawing or making stamps? No worries, this floor will easily deal with it and still remain aesthetic for years.


Key Features: