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Living Room Carpet

Freedom Xtra

Price per m²:  27.69
Willow Willow
Dove Dove
Ember Ember
Flint Flint
Gunmetal Gunmetal
Mineral Mineral
Seal Seal
Skyline Skyline
Soot Soot
Storm Storm


Price per m²: 37.50
Calm Calm
Care-Free Care-Free
Early Bright Early Bright
Expression Expression
First Blush First Blush
Fond Fond
Gentle Gentle
Glove Grey Glove Grey
Laid-Back Laid-Back
Lavish Lavish
Lazy-Days Lazy-Days
Nimbus Nimbus
Placid Placid
Rhythm Rhythm
Rolling Stone Rolling Stone
Romantic Romantic
Serene Serene
Splendor Splendor
Tender Tender
Tranquil Tranquil

Apollo Plus Range

Price per m²:  30.97
Cinder Grey Cinder Grey
Manhatten Taupe Manhatten Taupe
Nigella Nigella
Rainstorm Rainstorm

Primo Grande Range

Price per m²:  41.96
Alloy Grey Alloy Grey
Beaver Beaver
Ceramic Ceramic
Cloudy Bay Cloudy Bay
Curlew Curlew
Gemstone Gemstone
Lynx Lynx
Merlin Merlin
Moorland Forest Moorland Forest
Pearl River Pearl River
Raven Raven
Rushmoor Rushmoor
Shadow Shadow
Snow Drift Snow Drift
Sting Sting
Welsh Slate Welsh Slate

Satin Touch

Price per m²: 28.10
Alpaca Alpaca
Argento Argento
Bleachstone Bleachstone
Chinchilla Chinchilla
Cloud Cloud
Cobalt Cobalt
Cream Cream
Flax Flax
Inox Inox
Marlin Marlin
Mist Mist
Moonshine Moonshine
Oca Oca
Orchid Orchid
Peat Peat
Raw Silk Raw Silk
Silver Silver
Taupe Taupe
Titanium Titanium
Tortela Tortela


Price per m²:  36.61
Barns Barns
Chapman Chapman
Cheatle Cheatle
Millstone Millstone
Orchard Orchard
Shilton Shilton
Signet Signet
Sweep Sweep
Tanner Tanner
Whitney Whitney
Windrush Windrush

Canterbury Range

Price per m²:  27.13
Apple Crumble Apple Crumble
Caramel Caramel
Macaroon Macaroon
Marshmallow Marshmallow

Bamburgh Range

Price per m²:  19.28
Alpaca Alpaca
Amethyst Amethyst
Atlantic Atlantic
Camelia Camelia
Ciogna Ciogna
Cobalt Cobalt
Cream Cream
Dark Bottle Dark Bottle
Grey Grey
Inox Inox
Peat Peat
Pewter Pewter
Saddle Saddle
Silver Silver
Starina Starina

Chiltern Highlights

Price per m²:  27.34
Alabaster Alabaster
Brume Brume
Flotsam Flotsam
Ice Ice
Mercury Mercury
Orchid Orchid
Penne Penne
Risotto Risotto
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn
Wolf Wolf

Chiltern Range

Price per m²:  28.91
Acacia Acacia
Ash Ash
Cashew Cashew
Cashmere Cashmere
Ebony Ebony
Elm Elm
Grouse Grouse
Hessian Hessian
Hickory Hickory
Oatmeal Oatmeal
Platinum Platinum
Vanilla Vanilla

Super Top Twist

Price per m²:  32.55
301013 301013
301014 301014
301015 301015
301016 301016
301017 301017
301018 301018
301019 301019
301020 301020
301021 301021
301022 301022
301024 301024

Cordoba Range

Price per m²: 38.19
Biscuit Biscuit
Fawn Fawn
Malt Malt
Pewter Pewter
Platinum Platinum
Silver Silver
Storm Storm

Elegance Range

Price per m²:  34.36
Anthracite Anthracite
Balsa Balsa
Berber Berber
Bracken Bracken
Cactus Cactus
Calico Calico
Doeskin Doeskin
Egyptian Cotton Egyptian Cotton
Gelato Gelato
Grey Grey
Hazlenut Hazlenut
Hemp Hemp
Leather Leather
Llama Llama
Macadamia Macadamia
Malt Malt
Mercury Mercury
Porcelain Porcelain
Rye Rye
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn

Enchanting Luxury Range

Price per m²: 38.10
Appealing Appealing
Beguiling Beguiling
Bewitching Bewitching
Captivating Captivating
Charming Charming
Darling Darling
Fascinating Fascinating
Possesing Possesing
Spellbindin Spellbindin
Tantalising Tantalising
Yearning Yearning

Modernistic Range

Price per m²:  30.94
Earl Grey Earl Grey
Flint Flint
Lead Lead
Pebble Pebble
Sea Eye Sea Eye

Gemini Range

Price per m²: 42.00
Cosmic Ray Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Grey Galaxy Grey
Holcombe Clay Holcombe Clay
Kansas Wheat Kansas Wheat
Lawrence Linen Lawrence Linen
Linton Lead Linton Lead
Norwegian Blue Norwegian Blue
Pendle Felt Pendle Felt
Pennine Mist Pennine Mist
Pittsburgh Steel Pittsburgh Steel
Shetland Water Shetland Water
Somerset Ash Somerset Ash
Valley Smoke Valley Smoke
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