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Stain Resistant


Price per m²:  41.40
Bath Time Bath Time
Blackcurrant Squash Blackcurrant Squash
Bubbles Bubbles
Goldilocks Goldilocks
Ice Pop Ice Pop
Ice Skating Ice Skating
Marshmallow Marshmallow
Mother Goose Mother Goose
Picnic Picnic
Puddle Duck Puddle Duck
Sand Dune Sand Dune
Sports Day Sports Day
Summer Splash Summer Splash
Teddy Teddy
Temper Tantrum Temper Tantrum
Twinkle Twinkle

Freedom Xtra

Price per m²:  31.11
Willow Willow
Dove Dove
Ember Ember
Flint Flint
Gunmetal Gunmetal
Mineral Mineral
Seal Seal
Skyline Skyline
Soot Soot
Storm Storm

First Impressions Special

Price per m²:  34.99
Day Dreamer Day Dreamer
Ambiance Ambiance
Demeanor Demeanor
Fresh Fresh
Image Image
Mild Manner Mild Manner
Neat & Tidy Neat & Tidy
Vision Vision

Firenze Mosaic

Price per m²:  49.28
Hazel Hazel
Indigo Indigo
Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
Portland Portland
Redwood Redwood
Shadow Shadow
Tempist Tempist

Milano Range

Price per m²:  28.95
Ash Ash
Salt N Pepper Salt N Pepper
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Spanish Spanish

Morris Range

Price per m²:  22.75
Red Lines Red Lines

Firenze Chevron

Price per m²:  49.28
Barley Barley
Nickel Nickel
Space Space
Winter Sky Winter Sky

Maison Chic Range

Price per m²: 49.29
Ambrose Ambrose
Balleroy Balleroy
Bellou Bellou
Carel Carel
Chambord Chambord
Chantilly Chantilly
Chateau Chateau
Cheverny Cheverny
Domain Domain
Ducal Ducal
Fontaine Fontaine
Kinnor Kinnor

Firenze Wave

Price per m²:  49.28
Aquatint Aquatint
Graphite Graphite
Regatta Regatta
Steel Steel

Apollo Plus Range

Price per m²:  26.75
Cinder Grey Cinder Grey
Manhatten Taupe Manhatten Taupe
Nigella Nigella
Rainstorm Rainstorm

Primo Grande Range

Price per m²:  46.95
Alloy Grey Alloy Grey
Beaver Beaver
Ceramic Ceramic
Cloudy Bay Cloudy Bay
Curlew Curlew
Gemstone Gemstone
Lynx Lynx
Merlin Merlin
Moorland Forest Moorland Forest
Pearl River Pearl River
Raven Raven
Rushmoor Rushmoor
Shadow Shadow
Snow Drift Snow Drift
Sting Sting
Welsh Slate Welsh Slate

Satin Touch

Price per m²: 30.70
Alpaca Alpaca
Argento Argento
Bleachstone Bleachstone
Chinchilla Chinchilla
Cloud Cloud
Cobalt Cobalt
Cream Cream
Flax Flax
Inox Inox
Marlin Marlin
Mist Mist
Moonshine Moonshine
Oca Oca
Orchid Orchid
Peat Peat
Raw Silk Raw Silk
Silver Silver
Taupe Taupe
Titanium Titanium
Tortela Tortela

Belmont Saxony Range

Price per m²: 38.85
Coral Cluster Coral Cluster
Deluge Deluge
Desert Storm Desert Storm
Geyser Geyser
Marsh Marsh
Mistral Mistral
Nuage Nuage
Smoke Smoke
Smokey Mountain Smokey Mountain
Typhoon Typhoon

Canterbury Range

Price per m²:  28.95
Apple Crumble Apple Crumble
Caramel Caramel
Macaroon Macaroon
Marshmallow Marshmallow

Bamburgh Range

Price per m²:  26.67
Amethyst Amethyst
Atlantic Atlantic
Camelia Camelia
Ciogna Ciogna
Cobalt Cobalt
Cream Cream
Dark Bottle Dark Bottle
Grey Grey
Inox Inox
Peat Peat
Pewter Pewter
Saddle Saddle
Silver Silver
Starina Starina

Chiltern Highlights

Price per m²:  30.21
Alabaster Alabaster
Brume Brume
Flotsam Flotsam
Ice Ice
Mercury Mercury
Orchid Orchid
Penne Penne
Risotto Risotto
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn
Wolf Wolf
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