Rugs to make your room look bigger.

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Looking for the right rug for a tiny room can take a little time and effort. You need something that matches your space and style without overwhelming the whole room. When we decorate a room, the key is to make the most of the space. That’s why many of us like to use a trendy rug to […]

Children’s Bedroom Top 10 Tips

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Let’s face it the majority of children’s bedrooms are the smallest rooms in the house, which is one of the main problems that my clients find. Here is a list of my top 1-10 solutions I have perfected through experience over the last few years that help to maximise the space in the best way […]

Faster, Stronger, Fitter by Des Kelly Interiors Exclusive Sleep Expert Tom Coleman

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“I’ve no real problem getting to sleep, but I always seem to wake up around 3 am and then struggle to get back to sleep”. Does this sound familiar to you? Many people struggle with “wake episodes” and find themselves feeling frustrated, stressed and ultimately not getting a full restful sleep because waking up has […]

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