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Ava Henry

Ava Henry is an athlete across a number of disciplines. A European medal-winning boxer who excels in GAA and Football. Ava plays Gaelic games for Dublin GAA and has also captained her soccer team. As Ava is still a teenager, sleep plays a crucial role in her physical and cognitive development. Teenagers should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep per night to fully facilitate growth, development and repair.

Analysis & Data using
the Readiband Sleep monitor.

We analysed data on sleep and activity levels
over two distinctive periods. We first assessed
sleep patterns over the course of a week
under normal circumstances. After consulting
with Ava, the team in DKI helped her choose
a mattress suitable for her specific needs. Ava
then had her sleep analysed after receiving
her new mattress and we noted any significant
changes in her patterns.

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Therapeutic Range Natures Touch 01

Ava Henry Selected
Natures Touch Mattress

for mattress details

Sleep Analysis

Start Date
26th March – 03rd April

Average Sleep Quantity: 7.7
Sleep Quality Rating: 8/10
Awakenings: 2.8/hr
Sleep Latency: 12min

After Receiving Mattress
04th April – 11th April

Average Sleep Quantity: 8
Sleep Quality Rating: 8.5/10
Awakenings: 2.6/hr
Sleep Latency: 10min

Sleep Duration

Sleep Duration

Ava Sleep Duration

Did Ava Henry Sleep Improved?

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Key Findings

Sleep Duration for Ava increased by 10%. As teenagers require more sleep, usually 9-10 hours per night is recommended, this was a step in the right direction and a big improvement over such a short period of time. With continued advice and support, Ava could continue to increase her sleep duration and sleep regularity.

Wake Episodes reduced by 7% which would signify better quality sleep. Ava was sleeping
deeper for longer which is of great benefit to physical restoration and repair. Having disrupted sleep is very common and your bed has a key role in providing adequate comfort and support for better sleep.

Sleep Latency is a huge issue for many teenagers and again the time it took Ava to fall asleep decreased indicating she was quicker to settle down to sleep. A 17% improvement in sleep latency is a huge improvement that will give her confidence in falling asleep fast.

Recommendations: Ava has made good progress and needs to pay attention to improving her sleep quantity and sleep onset times. Ava should continue to improve her sleep duration by adhering to advice around winding down, avoiding blue/white light and not being overstimulated by technology. Getting to bed at a reasonable time will also influence how well she deals with the demands of sport across her disciplines.


Sleep plays a crucial role in tissue repair, brain development and reaction time with adoptions and improvements occurring during specific sleep phases. The importance and requirements for teenagers are more significant as they are still developing. Sports that require the highest level of physical output and mental sharpness also demand the elite level of recovery and sleep.



How did you get into boxing in the first place?
My uncle got me into it, he had been doing it for years. I was mad playing football and there was nothing getting in the way of me playing football. I went to boxing training one evening for a fitness session just to see how it would go. I just loved it straight away and kind of just got attached to it. They put me in for my first fight and I ended up winning my first fight in about 10 seconds and that was that.

What were the key preparations for you in getting ready for training and a fight?
For my fights, I have to weigh-in in the morning time about 7am. I’d come home then and go back to bed to get another few hours of sleep. After I wake up then I’d have a full meal, usually a high-carbohydrate meal like pasta. I’d drink lots of water during the day and get ready for the fight then.

Competing at a high level and training so much must take a physical toll on your body, has that caused any type of issues for you?
Everything is going great at the moment, which is great. It’s just become really normal for me. As long as I’m looking after myself, looking after my sleep and rest and eating fairly good, I have loads of energy and no injuries.

In terms of health, what kind of strategies do you find to help keep you healthy, sharp and energized now?
I’d be looking at what fights I have coming up and if I had a big fight coming up, I’d have to focus on getting my body weight right. So about 2 months before the fight I might change my diet a bit, drink loads of water and make sure I’m getting lots of rest. I’d train twice a day in boxing to keep sharp and then go out running as well to keep my fitness level up.

Have you noticed a difference now since you upgraded your mattress?
Oh yes, definitely. I’ve found it so much easier to fall asleep. Even when I’m waking up now, I’m not dragging myself up out of bed because I feel as though I’m well rested, I’m up straight away, feeling fresh. So yea, it’s made a massive difference. That’s made a difference then in my recovery as well.

What advice would you give to aspiring athletes out there?
I’d just say, keep working really hard. If you have a dream, go and chase it. Don’t just think about them and say “ah, I wanna get this” and not working for it, you just have to work as hard as you can if that’s what you want. I’m 14 now and this is where my career starts to step up and get serious so I am looking to improve in every area.

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