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Why Choose Quickstep Flooring for Your Stairs & Landing?

Your stairs and landing are both areas in your home that sees the majority of footfall in your house only second and third to your hallway. So, you need to put some thought into what flooring suits your home’s needs.
For example, you might want carpet on your stairs but you have a house of future sports stars that will drag muck up and down your stairs all week. And if you don’t have time (or the willpower) for all that cleaning then quickstep would be perfect for you.

Still not sure what Quickstep even is? That’s fine because in today’s blog we are going to tell you everything you need to know, so keep reading or click on the headings below to jump straight to what you want to know!

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What Is Quickstep?

So where did it all begin? Don’t worry this isn’t turning into a history lesson with a hazy flashback scene incoming. But the technology for Quick-Step was created in Belgium by a company called Unilin. This is where the Uniclic Locking System came from! Sounds fancy but it means that the floorboards click-and-lock into place without needing any glue.

This technology made home renovations easier for the everyday people who prefer to do it themselves. What used to be days of hard labour and work without professional help could now be completed within a day if you know what you’re doing. (If you don’t that’s fine, we have a guy for that!)

Des Kelly Interiors are specialists in all kinds of stair renovations and Quick-Step laminate installation is just one professional service we offer. Our professional fitters can handle the removal of old tired carpet, worn wooden floors and laminate and take it away that day! No mess and no stress.

Why It’s Perfect For Your Stairs & Landing

You might be considering Quick-Step for a bunch of reasons. Maybe you’re just looking for a change of style? Maybe your kids are running amuck on your carpet? Whatever the reason is, Quick-Step could be the answer but check out our list below and decide yourself.

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Quick-Step Flooring Is Durable

The board itself has an ultra-protective scratch guard layer which makes it 10X more resistant to micro scratches than floors without scratch guards. This is exactly the kind of guarantee and protection you want for the surface of such a busy area of your house. So, you don’t have to worry about your pets’ paws, football boots, Christmas decorations and the rest scratching your flooring on your stairs and landing.

Quick-Step Flooring Is Water Resistant

How many times have you dived to the ground to dry some spilt juice, “puppy puddles” or puddles from raincoats and wellies? That panic will be a thing of the past as most of the Quick-Step boards are water-resistant.
The backing of these boards is also water-resistant which will prevent moisture from rising from underneath.

That doesn’t mean you can leave a spill for days, but it buys you a bit more time.

Quick-Step Flooring Is ECO Friendly

We are all doing our part for the environment and Quick-Step is no different. The company was awarded the EU Ecolabel. You get this label when your floors are made in a power-efficient factory, doesn’t contain any environmentally harmful materials, and is made for a minimum of 80% sustainably sourced wood.

Also, laminate floors can last a very long time and the wood is renewable which is perfect for contributing very little CO2 greenhouse gases in its lifetime. Laminate floors for the win!

Quick-Step Flooring Is Stylish

The last thing you want to worry about when looking for a new floor is having a limited choice of styles or colours. You want everything to flow so options are essential.

The Quick-Step floor moulds are created from the grains of real wood. So, the boards have that natural aesthetic as well as a range of colours and styles. That means you should have no problem finding the perfect fit for your stairs and landing.

Quick-Step Flooring Is Affordable

Solid or engineered wood flooring is great and looks well but it can be costly and difficult to install, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same look. Considering how much cheaper Quick-Step flooring is compared to a traditional wooden floor the savings alone could be enough to choose it for your stairs.
If you don’t quite have the budget or just prefer something that is less hassle, then Quick-Step is the way forward.

How To Install Quick-Step Flooring

Usually these sorts of “How To” sections are full of a list of bullet points, equipment needed, diagrams and complex terminology…usually. But you won’t find any of the above in this section. (Give or take an image or two)

So, let’s begin by placing your first board down flat and take another board then slide and click it into place and that’s all there is to it. The only additional work might come from the shape of your room.
Similarly, the underlay requires very little just a sharp knife of some sort. Just simply roll out your underlay to the edges of the room or stairs and cut with the knife. Make sure not to cut the exact length and give yourself a little more to work with. To avoid uneven surfaces don’t layer underlay on top of each other.

How To Install Quick-Step Laminate On Stairs

Here’s how it works:

  1. Glue a cut to size laminate panel with Quick-Step One4All glue to the riser. Use spacers to ensure that sufficient space is left underneath to fit in the laminate of the step.
  2. Glue and screw the aluminium base profile on the step nose.
  3. Apply glue to the sub-profile and the step. Spread out the glue across the sub-profile.
  4. Place a laminate plank on the step with the underside of the tongue against the edge of the front of the alu base.
  5. Push the associated plastic strip (white, blue or black) on the tongue of the plank.
  6. Apply glue to both sides of the Incizo base.
  7. Press the Incizo profile onto the alu base.

But if you would prefer to leave it to the professional fitter to guarantee that perfect look, get in touch with our QUICK-STEP Master Installer Thomas. Check out our laminate for the stairs range by clicking here.

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