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Quickstep Master Installers

Today’s consumers expect flooring installers to deliver a top-quality flooring installation. That’s why our fitters are trained and developed by doing the ‘Quick-Step Master Installer Course’. With this course, Quick-Step trained our experienced floor fitters who take pride in their skills and professional workmanship.

The Quick-Step Master Installer Course helped to enhance our fitters in the following details:

  • – Health & safety
  • – The flooring process and the manufacturing of laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring.
  • – Wood structure and water and their relationship to drying, movement moisture, saturation and humidity.
  • – Subfloor preparation, types, moisture meters, calculations, smoothing compounds and contaminates.
  • – Adhesive types & applications.
  • – Laminate flooring products, underlayment’s, layouts, installation underfloor heating, staircases and maintenance.
  • – Real engineered wood, manufacturing, underlayment’s and acoustics, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, repairs and maintenance.
  • – Solid, engineered and laminate board replacement processes.


The perfect installation always begins with the right choice of flooring. Our master installers have the knowledge of the right floor for your area and will quickly identify any issue prior to the fitting. They will know the best way around various obstacles in your house delivering the finest and best quality fitting. A standard installer can provide a decent fitting, but a Master Installer can make the difference.

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