A quick guide to hardwood flooring

Good-looking and easy to maintain, hardwood flooring is becoming more of a popular choice for the homeowner. Worries about spills on carpets or the need to be replaced after a few years of use are removed when high-quality hardwood floors are concerned. Did we mention that hardwood floors can also help to improve the market value of your home by 2.5%? The reasons for choosing to replace the flooring in your home are neverending but with lots of selection when it comes to styles, finishes, and costs, making your mind up is easier than ever.

These are a few of the most popular types of hardwood floors that you’ll come across when shopping for a new floor:


This refers to a style of hardwood flooring. The parquet style looks amazing on floors but will require an expert to lay the pieces. A small mistake in the fitting can create a problem for having a complete finished look. In recent years, herringbone styles have become very popular among homeowners.

Explore our full range of Herringbone flooring to see if any of these options are suitable for your home.


This is a type of synthetic floor that is created by using a lamination process. This material is cheaper than other types of wood flooring but provides a realistic look in the home.

Solid Hardwood Flooring:

This refers to flooring made from a single piece of wood and not made from other materials. Solid wood flooring can be made from a large variety of trees. The species of tree that is used will affect the look, feel, and cost.

Engineered Flooring

A type of flooring that uses both hardwood and other materials to provide an affordable option for a modern house.


A laminate flooring brand that is simple to install. They have a large range of affordable and stylish options that the average homeowner will be able to lay themselves. Stop by our shop to browse our full collection of Quick-Step flooring.

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