Why should you recycle your old mattress?

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Recycling your old mattress.

Your mattress will take up space when thrown out, nearly one and a half billion feet of landfill space is occupied by each year. Also, mattresses are made from both organic and inorganic materials. While organic materials will break down within a few years, synthetic materials can take decades to break down. If that all doesn’t sound bad enough, mattresses also contain chemicals such as bleaches and dyes which cause ground pollution. These chemicals are incredibly toxic to animals and plants, and although landfill sites have taken measures to limit the effect the chemicals have on surrounding habitats, ecosystems are still routinely contaminated and destroyed.

We deliver our mattresses to Eco Mattress Recycling where their team takes care of the rest. When they receive a mattress from us, they fillet it like a fish, cut it open, remove all the staples, take the pocket springs out and separate the material. Eco Mattress Recycling can guarantee they will never resell or reuse a mattress that they receive. They will only ever take apart the mattress and recycle the components. 

Des Kelly Interiors will offer this service to all our customers, and will not make any profit from this, as a business we would like to do our part for the environment. All we ask is, that you purchase a mattress bag for hygiene purposes and cover the cost for Eco Mattress for their fees, we’ll do the rest. 

Let's work together to make a change.

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