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How to improve your sleep from A to zzzzz

A healthy diet and exercise are crucial for a healthy lifestyle but did you know that having a good’s night sleep is just as important? Doctors recommend that the average adult gets 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. However, it’s also a known fact that achieving this can be elusive for many.

Time is of the essence so make sure that you’re spending your nights resting peacefully instead of tossing and turning. There are many ways to help people rest easier at night but many neglect the need for a great mattress that is a match for them. Use these tips to help ensure that you’re mattress isn’t keeping you up at night.

What’s in a Frame?

Before even looking at your mattress, start with checking the bed frame. Even the best mattress will be of no good if it’s sitting on top of a bed frame that needs to be replaced. The purpose of a bed frame is to hold your mattress in the right place. However, this can’t happen if the frame is too small or too big for the mattress. It’s even worse if the frame is broken or needs to be repaired. So before taking a look at buying a whole new mattress, examine the bed frame.

For when you do need to purchase a new bed frame, we stock a large variety of Divan, Bunk, Kids, and Day bed frames. From this selection, it’ll be easy to discover a stylish option that’s perfect for the room, the mattress, and you.

Go High Tech

Technology can solve many of our problems so it should be no surprise that technology can also be used to help you sleep easier. Try looking for Sleepfresh Technology with ActiPro. It’s a natural probiotic that helps to provide you with a fresh, clean, and hygienic night’s worth of sleep. Purotex technology, available from Des Kelly Interiors is placed in the mattress cover and uses probiotics to absorb humidity and allergens. This allows you to wake up in a clean, fresh, and healthier bed.

Rest Easy

Did you know that a pillow should be washed every three months and replaced every three years? Some experts even claim that a pillow should be replaced every six months. An easy step to getting a better night’s sleep is by upgrading your pillows. There are pillows designed to help people with bad backs, extra neck support, and so much more. This may mean stopping yourself from purchasing the cheapest models but the investments will be worth it in the end. Come into any of our stores, and our experts will be happy to help you choose the best option for you.

Go Brand New

When it’s time, it’s time. The options above are a good alternative to purchasing a brand new mattress but there will come a time for the mattress to be replaced. If there is a dent in the mattress, you’re waking up in discomfort, or finding that you sleep better anywhere else then these are sure signs that you’ll need a new one.

Once it comes time to upgrade, this is the perfect opportunity to get a mattress that is a better fit for your lifestyle. Maybe your new living space can fit a larger bed or you want a mattress with more support.

For the best options in bedding, look no further than Des Kelly Interiors. We have a full range of mattresses to have anyone sleeping like a baby.

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