Eleanor Ryan Doyle

Eleanor Ryan Doyle is a star soccer player who has played for the national team at all levels and captained the side at U16 level. She participated in the World Student Games in Taiwan in 2017 and in Naples in 2019. She is a women’s National League winner in 2019 and 2020. Eleanor was included in the Women’s National League Team of the Year in 2017, 2019 & 2020. The requirement for good quality sleep for Eleanor is especially important with such a demanding sport. Every aspect of her physical repair and mental resilience is dependent upon her ability to maintain good sleep.

Analysis & Data using
the Readiband Sleep monitor.

We analysed data on sleep and activity levels
over two distinctive periods. We first assessed
sleep patterns over the course of a week
under normal circumstances. After consulting
with Ava, the team in DKI helped her choose
a mattress suitable for her specific needs. Ava
then had her sleep analysed after receiving
her new mattress and we noted any significant
changes in her patterns.

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Eleanor Ryan Doyle Selected
Rhapsody Mattress

for mattress details

Sleep Analysis

Start Date
24th March – 01st April

Average Sleep Quantity: 6.2
Sleep Quality Rating: 6/10
Awakenings: 4.5/hr
Sleep Latency: 15min

After Receiving Mattress
05th April – 12th April

Average Sleep Quantity: 8.7
Sleep Quality Rating: 9/10
Awakenings: 2.6/hr
Sleep Latency: 11min

Sleep Duration

Sleep Duration

Eleanor Sleep Duration

Did Eleanor Ryan Doyle Sleep Improved?

Eleanor Sleep Improved

Key Findings

Sleep Duration: Eleanor’s sleep quality and duration before receiving the mattress averaged around 6.2 hours per night. The graphs show that her sleep quality improved to nearly 8 hours of good quality sleep after receiving the mattress. Improving sleep quality for Eleanor can come
with an abundance of benefits to her in terms of recovery and performance.

Wake Episodes reduced by over 50%, which is an overall great improvement as they can cause a poor sleep quality and can result in feeling groggy and less energised. Waking during deep sleep will reduce the amount of time spent in most phases of sleep for tissue and muscle repair. Interrupted sleep also impacts motivation and impairs the ability to stabilise mood.

Sleep Latency: Eleanor’s sleep latency was an average of 15 minutes before receiving the mattress, the results after getting the mattress showed a slight improvement of 4 minutes. The ability to fall asleep quickly builds confidence and allows us to plan another aspect of recovery which is vital if we have to sleep away from our normal environment.

Recommendations: Eleanor’s overall sleep quality improved after receiving the new mattress, which can have many health and success outcomes with her soccer career. The results show the importance of investing in a quality mattress, as it improves sleep and recovery times which is important in a professional athlete’s career, as they undergo a lot of training to compete.


Poor sleep quality can affect an athlete’s ability to recover adequately well and the next subsequent performance. There is a great body of research to show that poor sleep quality was a primary indicator for a loss of competitive outcomes. Wake episodes can be highly disruptive and yet upgrading to the right mattress can have a profound effect on these as witnessed in Eleanor’s case. By simply changing the physical components to a professional athlete’s sleep environment and habit, it will not only have health benefits, but also increases the individual’s success rate of winning competitions.



How did you get into football?
It started really with playing out on the green with my brothers and sisters. It was from there I was spotted by the local team and they asked me to come and play with them. From there I got spotted in a cup final by Peamount United. I was playing with the boys and girls from about the age of 9 to about 12 years old.

What are your key preparations in terms of getting ready for training and matches?
I have to make sure I’m fully hydrated, I have to eat right and obviously I try to sleep well. I think balance is really important, not overload myself with training and I’m always trying to improve things.

Competing at such a high level must take its toll physically, so how do you strategise or deal with those demands?
Overtraining can be an issue and important to look after your rest levels. I try to keep on top of things with my body, go for a massage with the physio and keep as healthy as I can. Looking after my sleep plays a huge role in my recovery process as well. I have to prioritize rest or I’m not performing as well.

In terms of health, what kind of strategies do you find to help keep you healthy, sharp and energised now?
I think for me, I have to get the most amount of sleep every night. It helps me so much with my recovery. Eating well is really important as well but don’t overthink it. Some people might be too strict, like be afraid to eat a tiny bit of chocolate, so eat in moderation.

How much of an impact does sleep have on how you feel and operate now on a daily basis?
I knew it had an impact on me but honestly, I didn’t really think about it too much until I started working with Des Kelly Interiors. I really started looking into it then and since that, I feel my recovery is much better, I’m recovering much faster after matches and after training based on the sleep I’m getting. So now I’m really far more aware of it and looking after it.

Have you noticed a difference now since you upgraded your mattress?
I’m not waking as much and I’m sleeping all through the night now. It was just so much more comfortable. The mattress I had before was a loud spring mattress, so there’s a huge difference. There is so much more room, I actually feel more relaxed getting into bed. So it’s had an amazing impact on how well I sleep.

What advice would you give to aspiring athletes out there?
Obviously, working really hard is important and listening to people around you because they have more experience. You’re not going to make it by yourself, so you have to listen to people around you. Look at every part of your recovery and remember your sleep! People don’t know that the optimum time for tissue repair, energy restoration and for reaction times, is sleep, so we have to be open to this.

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