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For a more luxurious and bespoke finish to your stair runner, tape binding is the perfect solution.

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  • What our Clients say
    We went in there and look around furniture in shop but they are really love furniture. So we boughted 2 of grey stone 3 drawers colour are grey which are very nice. Will do it again next time.
    Blake Aden
  • What our Clients say
    Got a great deal on our Dublin Oak laminated floor and gold underlay. Pleasant service and excellent advice. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for flooring etc.
    Monic Derty
  • What our Clients say
    I have to share my experience in des kelly’s as the member of staff was amazing at his job and these reviews need to be seen. I had been to a few different furniture stores I have a very bad back and I just didn’t feel I was getting the advice or care I needed. That completely changed when I went to des Kelly. I dealt with Radj and he was so educated on exactly what I needed he didn’t force me into buying anything. Thank you all at Des Kelly.
    Hilda Griffeth