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5 Carpet on Stairs Runners Ideas to Elevate Your Home

A stair runner is a strip of carpet fitted for the middle of a staircase. They can be added to a staircase as sound dampening or to add colour to a space. They have become trendy in recent years for home interiors, and the trends for 2024 seem to be following in the footsteps of the trends for home interiors over the last few years. Some of the featured carpet stair runner ideas for 2024 include herringbone, patterns, designer patterns, and stripes.

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Following on from the ‘quiet luxury’ trend of 2023 in fashion, 2024 is seeing a growth of popularity in the trend in home interiors, which is where herringbone comes in. Herringbone, with its timeless and classic design, goes perfectly with the trend of ‘quiet luxury’.

Also booming in popularity within home interiors over the last few years is the ‘more is more’ trend. After many years of minimalism being the trend, people have jumped from one end to the other and are now loving the loud and vibrant look for their homes. A great way to bring that ‘more is more’ trend into your home is via pattern, be that something ‘basic’ like a stripe or something more out there like a bohemian pattern.

Designers have been throwing their hats in the ring of home interiors the last few years too, which has led to such collaborations as The Rug Company x Diane Von Furstenberg. This collaboration features a leopard climbing on an emerald-coloured fabric made of hand-knotted silk. Another example of a designer pattern can be found in Des Kelly Interiors, with our collaboration with Rols.

With Des Kelly’s extensive experience with carpets and a keen eye on the 2024 trends, we have cultivated a list of the top 5 stair runners that can help to transform any staircase. This guide will explore the range of options available at Des Kelly Interiors, the different available designs, and the different materials that are on offer.

Why Choose a Carpet Runner for Your Stairs?

Carpet runners for stairs present a multitude of benefits, both aesthetically and practically.

  • They act as a sound dampener for the stairs in your home.
  • They can add a level of safety to your stairs, as they can prevent slippage that may occur on a solely wooden staircase.
  • They add colour to a space and can elevate the aesthetics of your home.
  • Certain patterns can make the staircase look wider and longer.

The Top 5 Carpet Runners for Your Stairs in 2024 and Beyond

1. Herringbone Stair Runner

The ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic that gained traction in 2023 has evolved from fashion to home interiors, and the herringbone design is the epitome of this style. People who are looking to bring a timelessly elegant style into their homes need not look further than this pattern. Herringbone, by bringing a subtle pattern into a space, will elevate your stairs while helping to mask wear and tear from repeated use. If you are someone who may want to experiment with patterns in the home, but not wanting something as ‘basic’ as a stripe, herringbone may be the choice for you.

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2. Patterned Stair Runner

Patterns are a popular choice for a stair runner, as patterns have the benefit of camouflaging wear and tear, as well as any dirt or stains that may occur. As well as the pattern shown below, Des Kelly’s also offers patterns like diamond, lattice and key. A patterned stair runner could be a good choice for someone looking to add a feature to their home through their carpet.

Diana Greek Key Heavy Metal Escalera 2

3. Modern Stair Runner

If you are someone who is looking for a carpet that blends nicely with the aesthetic of your home, while also adding to your stairs, the modern stair runner could be a good choice. The plainness of this carpet can be great for someone looking for simplicity in their design. If you are looking to elevate the modern stair runner, customising the binding size and colour can do that.

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4. Designer Stair Runners

If you are looking for a level of exclusivity in your home, a designer stair runner may be the choice for you. With a higher price point, these carpets would allow for your space to have a difference to it. Below you can see one of many designer stair runners available at Des Kelly Interiors, as part of the Rols collection.

gala diamond pumice escalera

5. Textured Stair Runners

Textured stair runners can allow for a unique design for the modern staircase. They provide a minimalist look, while also adding an extra level of texture to your space. If you are looking for a runner that will elevate your space while staying restrained in its design, this may be the choice for you.

serene dune escalera

Choosing The Right Material For Your Stair Runner

Durability is one of the main elements to consider when looking at potential stair runner options. The stairs are one of the most frequently trekked parts of the home, so a durable material is a necessity when considering your choice. A wool-based or wool blend-based carpet is the most frequently purchased for stair runners due to its durability as a material. Other durable materials that can be used are nylon-based fibers, as they are not prone to matting. Another natural fiber that can be used is jute, although it does tend to wear and look shabby.

Maintenance is also an important element to look at when deciding on a stair runner. Carpets can not be thoroughly cleaned as frequently as other rugs or carpets in the home due to their more constant use, so that must also be factored into your choice. It is why people will look for a pattern in a stair runner so that any staining that may occur does not need to be deep cleaned as commonly.

How To Prepare Your Staircase for Carpet Runners

When you are preparing for the installation of your runner, you must ensure that the stairs underneath are clean and that any existing carpet or underlay is removed. If you have painted stairs, you should repaint or do any touch-ups needed before installation. Also, ensure that you have any cleaning solutions for the new carpet that may be needed for their cleaning before installation.

You will need an underlay for your runner, which can be installed by the carpet installers during installation. The underlay acts as an extra layer of padding, and the thickness will depend on the thickness of the chosen carpet, but it will not be over 9mm in thickness. The risks of having an insufficient thickness are a loss of underfoot comfort, inadequate sound dampening, and can affect the longevity of the carpet.

Maintaining Your Stair Runner

When looking to clean your carpet runner, ensure that you know the material, and you can use our guide – How To Clean Your Rug at Home in 7 Simple Steps.

Unlike cleaning rugs, carpets require extra care as they experience much more wear than a rug would, especially on a staircase. One very important way to maintain your stair runner on a daily/weekly basis is by vacuuming the carpet (the right way).

The cleaner you will use will depend on the material of the rug. Some of the other steps will include rinsing and drying the rug properly to avoid mould growth, and vacuuming after to ensure the rug texture returns to normal.

Step Up Your Stair Décor With Des Kelly Interiors

Having the right stair runner in your home can drastically transform the look and feel of the space, as staircases are an integral part of interior design that are often underappreciated. As well as being visually appealing, stair runners are also a safety feature. Having a stair runner can enhance safety by reducing slips and falls, as well as adding underfoot comfort and reducing the noise of someone walking up and down the stairs.

When you choose a stair runner, you will have to ensure that the design, material and colour are the right fit for your home and its inhabitants. You will also have to decide on how thick you wish the stair runner to be, which can be altered with the thickness of the underlay you choose. The thicker the underlay, the longer the carpet will last, as it will take longer to feel thin. The other thing you will need to do to increase the longevity of the carpet is to clean the carpet, which will keep it looking fresh and new.

Des Kelly Interiors has 50+ years of experience in dealing with flooring, so if you are looking to get a stair runner installed in your home, check out our website and book your free consultation now!

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