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Inspiring Bedroom Carpet Ideas: Top 5 of The Latest Trends

Carpet is a versatile piece of interior design, and it is slowly becoming more popular to have in homes again. One of the best rooms to incorporate carpet into is the bedroom. Carpets add a level of softness and warmth to a space, as well as have practical uses, such as sound and heat insulation. Everyone has something in common: wanting a cosy and comfortable bedroom, and the right carpet choice can solidify that.

When choosing the right carpet for your bedroom, you have to account for your tastes, and the 2024 trends have something for everyone. At Des Kelly’s we have extensive experience with carpets and have curated a guide on the top 5 carpets that will transform any bedroom. This article will explore the range of options available, as well as the designs and materials of the carpets., that will give you the perfect inspiration for your new bedroom carpet.

choosing colour

1. Be Inspired With Patterned Carpets

Pattern carpets are a great way to infuse self-identity into a home. You get to express yourself within your interior choices, and patterns can be a great way to do that.

In terms of the 2024 trends for pattern, there are many different ‘on-trend’ styles to choose from, including:

  • Geometric
  • Stripe
  • Floral
  • Abstract
  • Animal print
  • Damask
  • Moroccan and Bohemian
  • Texture and Cut-and-Loop

You can also look to get any range of colours in the pattern of your choice, but if you want to incorporate more than one trend, you could also consider choosing a neutral colour palette with your pattern.

Using patterned carpets for the bedroom can help to transform a basic or plain bedroom into a vibrant space that is aligned with your personality. When you incorporate a pattern into your space, you will have to consider other furnishings in the room. If you wish to go for a maximalist approach, you could consider adding a clashing wallpaper, be that clashing in colour or design, as well as adding in additional patterns within the soft furnishings in the room, where you could have multiple throw pillows with different patterns and designs. If you are looking to avoid overwhelming the space, you could consider picking the other colours in the room from the pattern. For example, looking at the striped rug pictured below, you could choose the dark green shade and use that to choose the soft furnishings and you could use the light blue or light green shade for the wall colour, so the whole room ties together.


2. Consider Textured Carpets

Textured carpets can be a great choice for a bedroom. The texture can be useful in adding depth and warmth to a room. Some textures available in carpets include:

  • Deep pile
  • Cut pile
  • Berber
  • Frieze
  • Saxony
  • Textured cut pile
  • Cable
  • Shag
  • Loop pile

A Berber loop pile is a tufted loop pile named after the African tribes who first established the technique. The carpet is made by threading yarn through the backing fabric to make small loops. The loops today are usually wool, nylon or a blend. The lower the loop, the more hardwearing the carpet. The material is also great at hiding stains, making it ideal for homes with animals, children, or just clumsy people.

Frieze, which is extremely hardwearing, is a twist pile carpet with a thick and curly pile. They are great at hiding dirt and stains, as well as not showing many footprints or hoovering marks. They are very comfortable and soft to walk on, as well as being a great insulator due to their denseness. They can be difficult to clean due to their longer fibres, so this may be ideal for an adult’s room who is looking for the ultimate cosy vibe.

A shag pile is made from long woven fibres, with a pile of up to 50mm, with a casual and loose texture. While this carpet can look great and is very soft underfoot, it is not the most durable, as parts can flatten underfoot and leave the carpet uneven.


3. Add Neutral Colours For A Relaxed Environment

The shade range of neutrals tends to follow earth tones when considering what a ‘neutral’ colour is. Taking this definition, neutrals could fall into:

  • Light earth-toned hues (ivory, beige, taupe)
  • Darker naturals (mossy and olive greens)
  • Warmer shades (sienna, umber, terracotta)

This large range of shades gives many choices when looking at a neutral colour palette, and there will be a shade for almost anyone under neutral colours.

Neutral colours allow for a large range of versatility when styling the rest of the room. A neutral palette allows the room to grow and adapt over the years and with changing tastes. If you have a neutral carpet, it will be able to adapt to different themes you may decide on for the space.

Choosing a neutral carpet for a bedroom isn’t as easy as just picking one though. The word ‘neutral’ spans across various shades, as discussed above, so when you are making the choice, you have to consider the shade you think fits best, as well as which will work for the space the best, as lighting plays a major role in what shade you may wish to pick. If you are in a bright room with lots of natural lighting, you have more room to play with colours, whereas, in a darker room with less light, you may be better off choosing a lighter shade of carpet as it will help to brighten the space.

neutral colours

4. Enhance Your Bedroom with Rugs

If you are looking for a change-up without ripping up your existing floorings, you could consider choosing a rug instead. Rugs are so easily added and will give the room an instant refresh. Rugs have many of the same benefits as carpets, like adding comfort underfoot and providing noise reduction.

Don’t let the flooring in your room stop you from adding a rug either, even if you have carpeted floor already. If you are looking for a change to your carpet but aren’t in the place to make the change, adding a rug can help to add interest and alternating textures to your floor.

If you have a large floor space in your bedroom and are looking to help divide the space up, you can add rugs to help with the divide. For example, if you have a desk set up in your bedroom, you can add a rug to the area where the bed is and add a different rug where the desk set up is, which would add texture as well as divide the space into ‘zones’.

You have to be thorough when choosing a rug for your bedroom, as you need to be sure of size, shape and material when making your choice, so you are meeting the specific needs of the space.


5. Go For A Modern Look

If you are looking to be fully on trend with your carpet choice and give your bedroom a modern edge, there are many ways to go about that.

Some of the carpet trends of recent include:

  • Sustainably made materials
  • Decorative borders
  • Patterns
  • Neutral hues
  • Bold colours
  • Mixing textures

There are many ways to approach ‘modern’, and it can all depend on your other interiors. Sustainably made materials and mixing textures can be used in every space, but the other popular trends may depend on your home design. If you have a neutral space already, you could keep to the neutral tones but incorporate a pattern and/or a decorative border. If you want a stand-out carpet, you could incorporate a pattern with bold colours.  There is a world of carpets out there, and there is something for everyone, you can fulfil all your carpet needs at Des Kelly.

a modern look

Choosing The Right Colour Carpet For Your Bedroom

Carpets are a great choice for bedrooms as they allow for sound dampening and insulation in a bedroom, as well as adding a cosy aura and vibe to the room.

The carpet colour ideas for the bedrooms featured above would all be great choices. The best advice for choosing a carpet is to use your current style and colour palette while deciding. If you are doing a total room makeover, you could use something like Pinterest (check out our page!) to get some inspiration.

What Material is Best For Bedroom Carpets?

Choosing the material for your bedroom carpet is important, as comfort, cosiness, insulation, and plushness are all important factors. Choosing a thick underlay will also be of benefit to you.

The best material for bedroom carpets is generally considered to be a synthetic wool blend. This blend is top of the list as it gives high durability and softness underfoot.

Other materials which are great for bedrooms include berber, plush, high-pile and patterned.

Your choice will be different depending on different factors, such as if it is a child’s room or if there are pets in the home.

Choose Your Carpet With Des Kelly

When choosing your future carpet, you must consider your lifestyle and what the best carpet choice is to reflect that. When choosing the colour/pattern, you will have to pick what aligns with your bedroom décor.

Des Kelly offers 50+ years of experience in dealing with carpets, so if you’re looking to make a choice, there is no better place to come to. If you are looking for advice or information on our carpets visit our website and contact us. If you are looking for installation advice, consider looking into our free measuring service too.

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