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How To Choose the Best Colour Carpet for Your Stairs & Landing

Choosing a carpet for your home can feel daunting, but this blog may make that task easier. The basic rule is to make sure that your new carpet complements the existing overall design and colour scheme of your home.

Other factors to consider include:

  • How much light do your stairs and landing receive? This can influence the appearance of the carpet colour.
  • The durability and maintenance required of different carpet colours, especially as stairs and landings are high-traffic areas.
  • The psychological effects of colours so you can create the desired atmosphere in your home.

You will also have to consider any future home updates. If you pick the wrong carpet, it could limit your future redecoration options.

What Is The Best Type of Carpet for Stairs?

When looking at the stairs and landing, it is important to choose is a carpet with a tight weave or high density, which will help to withstand the heavy foot traffic that is present in that area.

While wanting to ensure durability, it is also important to choose a carpet that is comfortable underfoot. The stairs and landing can be the most high-traffic area in a home, so a balance of comfort and durability is essential. The ability to clean and maintain the carpet is also a factor to consider when making your choice.

The choice of carpet underlay is an element of carpets that may be forgotten. The underlay can help to enhance safety and can extend the carpet’s life significantly. For stairs, the underlay should be no thicker than 9mm, and the thickness of the carpet’s material will also be factored in when making the choice. Thicker underlay allows for better soundproofing and insulation. High thickness underlays (11mm+) are not recommended for high-traffic areas, but consider choosing one that is high density, as this will extend the lifespan of the product.

Des Kelly’s has 50+ years of experience in fitting and supplying carpets, so if you are unsure and are looking for the best types of carpets specifically designed for stairs and landings, consider asking a member of our staff in-store or email/call our customer service line. They will be able to answer all questions you may have.

Understanding The Best Colours for Your Carpet

Carpets come in many different colours and patterns, and our ranges at Des Kelly Interiors are vast. These carpet colour ideas will help transform your home into a cosy haven. 

Yellow & Beige

Using warm tones like yellow and beige can help to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere in your home. If your stairs and landing are quite dark, warm tones can help to brighten up these spaces and can make the space appear larger.

Yellow and beige tones can hide minor dirt and stains, reducing the frequency of cleaning required. They are also very versatile colours and will complement various interior design styles.
These colours are also beneficial from a psychological perspective. Warm colours are associated with boosting happiness and comfort. Yellow, in particular, is associated with feelings of happiness and optimism. Yellow can also promote feelings of positivity and improve moods, although too much yellow can cause feelings of frustration and anxiety. If you want to use a shade of yellow but are afraid of feeling frustrated and anxious, lighter or pastel shades and beige-toned yellows will be less stimulating.

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Red & Orange

If you are looking to inject a bit of boldness into your home, choosing a colour like red or orange may be the choice for you. These colours make a statement and could add personality to your stairs and landing. They can also be ideal for hiding staining due to their potentially dark shades.

When considering these colours, you do have to be wary, as they are easy colours to cause someone to feel overwhelmed, especially red. Red is associated with energy, passion and intensity. It can increase heart rate and blood pressure, so they are great for creating a sense of urgency or excitement. There are negatives around red though. Red can be majorly overwhelming and cause feelings of anger or stress for some individuals.

Orange is a colour that is associated with creativity, enthusiasm and warmth. It can create an aura of comfort and can also help to promote social exchanges. It is another colour to be wary of, however, as too much orange can lead to someone becoming overwhelmed and cause feelings of restlessness or anxiousness.

If you are someone who likes bold interiors in their home, or if you are looking for a new focal point, orange or red may be the colours for you to look at.


Brown tones are great for adding earthy and grounded hues to your stairs and landing. On top of being a great neutral colour choice, brown also has the excellent capabilities of hiding dirt, stains and wear-and-tear, which is ideal for a home with kids or pets.

From a psychological perspective, brown has comforting and stabilizing effects. We can naturally feel reassured, safe and grounded by the colour brown.

The shade range of brown means that it can be used in a traditional or modern space. As a neutral colour, it works as a versatile backdrop that allows you flexibility when decorating.

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White & Light Beige

If your space is dark and you want to give it a bright and clean look, white or light beige could be the one for you. Light colours will give an illusion of light being reflected and will make spaces appear larger and more open. The psychological effect of using bright colour also has many advantages. Bright colours give feelings of relaxation and calm, which could be the ideal feel for a home.

There is a very obvious downside to using light colours, and that is the challenge of maintaining a carpet in that colour. Due to how high-traffic stairs and landings are, you will need to choose a stain-resistant material for these colours. It will still also need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the colour looking fresh.

Another benefit of light colour carpets is that they function as a blank canvas, allowing you full liberties with other design choices.


If you are looking for a modern and sophisticated look, grey may be for you. As well as adding a touch of sophistication, grey offers a neutral backdrop for standout colours and patterns meaning it complements many decor styles.

While grey is a colour that can add light to a space, it is better at disguising dirt and stains than other bright colours like white.

There is a wide range of shades of grey, both cool and warm-toned, which can allow for a more subtle effect or a dramatic one. This also means that there will be a shade that works for almost everyone. Grey is versatile too, and pairs well with bold and soft colour accents. Cool greys are perfect for stairs and landings that have a lot of natural light. They create a modern look while also making smaller spaces appear brighter.

When choosing a shade of grey you need to consider the size of the space you will be putting it in and how well-lit the space is. If you have a bright space, you can afford to put a darker shade in, whereas if the stairs and landing aren’t well-lit, a lighter shade may be the one for you.

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If you’re looking for a bold and interesting look, black would be a top choice. Black is a great choice for adding depth and contrast to a staircase and landing. It is the most practical colour for a high-traffic area, as it will excellently hide dirt and staining.

Black carpet can serve as a dramatic backdrop for your home and works with a lot of colours. It also enhances the colours and patterns of stair runners and nearby décor. The only problem with black is that it has to be in a well-lit and good-sized area, as it can make spaces appear smaller.

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated choice for your carpet, black would be a great choice, and would also make a strong statement in design choice.

Best Colour Carpet for Stairs & Landing with High Traffic

When choosing a carpet for a high-traffic area, it is important to be practical. Choosing colours that can effectively hide dirt and wear will make your life so much easier. If your stairs and landing have high traffic black, brown, greys and patterns may be the best option for you. Durable materials are a must for stairs and landing due to their heavy use. Choosing an option that is soil and stain-resistant will make your life easier when dealing with carpet maintenance, especially when dealing with such areas as stair runners and landings. Stair runners allow you to introduce a decorative cover while still having wood stairs in your home. Many opt for a patterned stair runner as it adds style to wooden stairs while also reducing wear and tear. 

Just because you choose a practical carpet doesn’t mean it can’t also fit the aesthetic of your home. You can always find the right carpet for your home that will also be practical, and the best way to do this is to consult with a carpet expert who will find the right carpet for your needs.

Choose Your Carpet With Des Kelly Interiors

Our staff at Des Kelly Interiors have years of experience, making them a valuable asset when choosing a new carpet for your home. They have the knowledge to tailor to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you leave with your dream carpet.

We have a broad range of carpets, colours, materials and styles to choose from leaving you spoilt for choice. Des Kelly Interiors is committed to offering high-quality carpets that combine durability with aesthetic appeal making it a long-term investment for your home. 

We offer a high level of convenience, as you can select, purchase and arrange the installation, all through Des Kelly Interiors, which simplifies and streamlines the process. If you are considering a new carpet, take the next step today by scheduling a personalized consultation with Des Kelly Interiors today, where you will be able to explore options, get answers to any questions you may have, and make an informed choice with confidence. Find your next carpet in-store with us today.



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