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How To Choose The Perfect Mattress

Buying mattresses isn’t something that we do often, it can be confusing when buying a new mattress and knowing what mattress will suit you best. Here at Des Kelly Interiors, we pride ourselves on selling the best quality mattresses and offering expert advice when selecting a new mattress.  

Step 1: Start with the basics 

Let’s start with the easy stuff, what size of a mattress do you want, and would you like to replace your current base? Once you have decided on that your off to a good start and you will be able to access what type of mattress will suit your needs and wants best. 


Step 2: Check out reviews on the mattresses that you like best 

Have a look at what other people are saying about the mattress they bought, here you will find a multitude of information from various groups of people.  


Step 3: Visit a bedding store in your area 

Visit your local Des Kelly Interiors, check out what mattresses we have and test them out. This is going to be a long-term purchase; it is important that you test the mattress out. 

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Step 4: Check firmness 

When visiting a store ask the sales advisors to show you a range of firmness levels, here at Des Kelly Interiors we have various levels of firmness. Once you find the right level of firmness for you, compare different mattresses until you find your favourite. 


Step 5: Research the Brand  

Make sure that you do your research when selecting your mattresses, this is a big purchase and something that you will have for quite some time. Here at Des Kelly Interiors, we have lots of high- quality mattress brands such as Respa Beds, Natural Sleep and Mlily. 


Step 6: Relax and enjoy  

Now you will reap the rewards of a well picked mattress, be sure to visit your closest Des Kelly Interiors Store when selecting your new mattress! 

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