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How to select the right mattress for you

It’s been a long 7-10 years with your mattress. Many memories were created while relaxing in this bed but now it’s time for it to be replaced. Resist the urge to buy the same mattress that you had before or assume that the most expensive mattress is the right fit for you. This is a chance to get a better night’s sleep and rest easy. This means discovering the best mattress for you and your wallet. To help make this choice easier, learn about 5 common types of mattresses.

Gel Mattress:

While relatively new to the world of mattresses, the gel provides a good alternative to memory foam. A gel mattress will normally have a layer of memory foam and gel. Think of the layer of gel as additional support or an upholstery layer. Expect a soft but durable feel as the open cell structure will mould to your shape. Unlike memory foam, it will also help to ensure that you don’t get too hot or cold while sleeping. The feel of a gel mattress does differ so if this type of mattress interests you then stop by the nearest Des Kelly Interiors location to test them out. 

Latex Mattress:

In comparison to other options, latex is often considered to be more natural since its material is made from the sap of a rubber tree. However, synthetic options are available so make sure that if you’re looking for a natural mattress to ensure that natural latex is used. A latex mattress provides a better quality of sleep than most traditional mattresses. Part of this is the ability to have customisation to find the best fit for you. Latex is also known for being less heating than memory foam. This option is good if you’re looking for a mattress that is a little bouncy. While the types vary, these mattresses are good for the stomach, side, and back sleepers.

Memory Mattress:

The biggest problem mentioned with memory foam is heat retention. For many, it can be a deal-breaker but memory foam is still a very popular choice because it does offer a high level of comfort. As you sleep, the memory foam will gradually conform to your body. Side sleepers enjoy it as a perfect choice since it provides hip and shoulder support. Each mattress contains several layers of foam which prevent the mattress from needing to be flipped routinely. Memory foam is good for its resistance to dust mites and termites. It also creates proper spinal alignment. If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, for many people a memory mattress is the right fit.

Pocket Spring Mattress:

Another type of inner coil mattress, a pocket spring mattress is known for offering a lot of comfort and support. This is considered the next step in comparison to traditional open coil units. There is a large variety of mattresses available with memory foam, latex, or gel. An important thing to remember with pocket spring mattresses (and all inner coil mattresses) is the term coil gauge. Lower numbers represent a thicker gauge and higher numbers represent a thinner gauge. This means that the softer mattress will have a higher number of coals. While a low number will be more firm.

Achieving a good night’s sleep is easy with a memory foam mattress, so be sure to take a look over these fantastic foam items, each ready to improve your sleep enormously! Visit us today and choose the Memory Foam mattress from our showroom collection.

Getting a good night’s sleep is easier with Des Kelly Interiors by your side. When you’re ready to get a new mattress, check out our site to discover the wide range of mattresses available to you at your price range. Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Des Kelly Interiors locations to try out any bed before purchasing.

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