Interior Design Trends in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, it is time to think about revamping your home for the new year (and new decade)! The past 10 years have seen a number of trends that have come and gone but if you’re looking to add some new elements to your home for the new year,   we’ve outlined some of the most popular trends that we predict will be massive in the coming months.



Velvet has been around for a number of decades but in 2021 this fabric style is expected to make a big comeback. While not suitable for everyone’s tastes or lifestyle, the allure of velvet can’t be denied. The key is to not look towards velvet styles of the past but the ones of the future. With colour options expanding, you can purchase your next sofa in a wide variety of shades.

Interested in looking at some velvet options for your next home. Take a look at our sofa range. We have a variety of options that can suit the tastes of your home. If you’re still unsure then make a trip to your nearest Des Kelly location to try this wonderful mix of luxury and comfort for yourself.

If you’re not completely into velvet then look for fun and cosy in the form of a shaggy carpet. We have a wide range that can suit a variety of tastes.


Geometric patterns-

Coupled with velvet, geometric patterns have been around for ages but are having a re-invigorated moment of popularity. Unlike velvet, it’s easy to place geometric patterns on a wide variety of objects that extend beyond homewares. When using geometric patterns, focus on the statement that you would like to make. This would mean focusing on the areas that can create a stunning look by using geometric patterns.

A personal favourite is using this trend in flooring. Our range of vinyl flooring provides a delightful mix of colour and vibrancy that could work in your home.

If you’re looking into hardwood flooring, parquet flooring would be a perfect choice. It adds amazing looks and still has the quality that comes with hardwood flooring.


Vibrant Rugs-

As hardwood floors have become more popular, you’ll be seeing more statement rugs in people’s homes. And why not? They’ll look gorgeous against the wooden floors and add a vivid look to any room. Plus they are practical and functional. Even if you’re looking into adding geometric vinyl flooring to a space, a solid colour rug will be a most welcome addition. If the floor pattern isn’t as interesting then the rug is the perfect place to add some fun and show off your unique style.

Our collection of rugs are wonderful for creating a distinct look in any room. We even have a cute collection of Children’s rugs for the little ones. Browse through our online collection for some 2021 inspiration.


High-End Beds-

Looking for a new bed for 2021? Be sure to read our Buyer’s Guide for all of the information that you’ll need to purchase the best bed for your room and budget.

In regard to 2021, the trend is looking like beds are becoming the hot item to splurge on. Think about the amount of time spent in your room and bed. The new decade should be focused on spending time in comfort and relaxation. Shop our Beds Collection to find your new match.

Our last bit of advice is to stay on trend with the newest colour schemes. These three concepts are going to be huge in 2021:

  • Black
  • Earth Tones
  • Dark Purple


However, if any of these don’t match your personal taste or match the look of the room then forget about it. Following trends is a great way to see what everyone is doing and to have a modern look but trends will fade. The key is to pick the look that you desire the most.

Buying items for any space is hard. Keep it easy by using the trends as inspiration and go from there.

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