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Tom Coleman – Des Kelly Interiors Exclusive Sleep Expert

Sleep has been described as the master conductor of health and disease. One of the pillars of health according to the leading Universities in the world. There is not a single aspect of our physical or mental health which sleep does not impact. Sleep is the ultimate act of self-care and is known as a biological investment according to scientists. We should prioritize, protect and place a much higher value on our sleep as it has a hugely restorative and protective impact on our health. Yet many people struggle with sleep especially in the past year. My mission is to empower people to take control over, manage and improve their health. We are certainly happier, healthier and more vibrant after a good night’s sleep.

Wake up to the Power of Sleep

My name is Tom Coleman, I hold a Degree Health Science & Exercise Physiology & an Honours Degree in Health Promotion. I set a Nutritional Consultancy business 9 years ago to help educate people on food, exercise and how to look after their health. Very quickly I discovered there was another pillar of health which was even more powerful, sleep. Sleep gave the biggest return on investment. And so, I became intrigued and was sparked into action. Since that I have spent years working in different aspects of sleep which include sleep analysis, consulting, speaking and being involved in research on sleep. I have worked with world class athletes and leading global national companies and of course, many people who struggle with sleep!


How Sleep Impacts our Health

We should be spending 36% of our lives sleeping. That’s more time dedicated one single activity than anything else human biology. That is how important it is. Sleep quality and quantity will determine so many different aspects of our health and wellbeing. From immunity to body composition, emotional health to cognitive function. Our brain cleans itself as we sleep, tissue repair occurs, and sleep is regarded as a health protective behaviour. Our body and brain reset at night and the short, medium- and long-term effects on health are very well documented.


DKI – Leading the way

When I first met with DKI, their passion, authenticity and message resonated with me immediately.  They had a vision, a mission and a genuine desire to help people understand how important sleep is and empower them to make better choices and improve better sleep. Their vision mirrored mine from many years ago- the most valuable investment in your health should be given more thought and consideration. If a person develops a problem with their feet, the first and most obvious place to look is their shoes! The same with Sleep, it seems to me that where we should be spending 36% of our lives, in an activity that has the most powerful effect on our body and brain is worth looking at and investing in.

Your bed, bedroom and environment have a powerful and profound impact on your sleep quality and quantity. I know this, I understand this from years of research and work. DKI have known this and are passionate about helping people make careful and considered decisions around their bed, their support, and their environment. Like me, they want to encourage people to pause, to give more care, understanding and thought to this investment. You wouldn’t just buy a pair of shoes every 15-20 years and think they were going to support you, so why would you think the same about a bed.

I have been working with full team and staff in DKI in the past few months on a variety of projects. Their passion and commitment is authentic, it comes from every level and together we are dedicated to delivering a new approach, a fresh message and ideas on sleep.

I have trained their staff on the importance of sleep, we have worked on designs, beds, campaigns to help their customers improve their sleep. That message is that “your sleep matters” and we are here to help you make the very best decisions around how to improve it, enhance it and elevate your sleep.

We want to give people the confidence, the comfort and the awareness to upgrade their rest and promote their sleep to a new level.  So, I will be working closely with DKI to help answer your sleep questions, to help you manage and control your sleep and ultimately improve your sleep. I look forward to hearing from people and offering all of my expertise to help you, inspire you and give you the gift of sleep.


Tom Coleman.

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