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Price per m²:  36.61

Barns Barns
Chapman Chapman
Cheatle Cheatle
Millstone Millstone
Orchard Orchard
Shilton Shilton
Signet Signet
Sweep Sweep
Tanner Tanner
Whitney Whitney
Windrush Windrush

Home Counties - Plain

Price per m²: 45.10

Acer Acer
Cairin Grey Cairin Grey
Florin Florin
Fossil Fossil
Goosewing Goosewing
Gunmetal Gunmetal
Harbour Stone Harbour Stone
Italian Stone Italian Stone
Mauve Mauve
Pacific Pearl Pacific Pearl
Quartz Quartz
Silver Cloud Silver Cloud
Spirit Glow Spirit Glow
Stucco Stucco
Tarn Mist Tarn Mist
Tundra Tundra
Tusk Tusk
Vintage Grey Vintage Grey

Primo Grande Range

Price per m²:  39.16

Alloy Grey Alloy Grey
Beaver Beaver
Ceramic Ceramic
Cloudy Bay Cloudy Bay
Curlew Curlew
Gemstone Gemstone
Lynx Lynx
Merlin Merlin
Moorland Forest Moorland Forest
Pearl River Pearl River
Raven Raven
Rushmoor Rushmoor
Shadow Shadow
Snow Drift Snow Drift
Sting Sting
Welsh Slate Welsh Slate

Elegance Range

Price per m²:  36.49

Anthracite Anthracite
Balsa Balsa
Berber Berber
Bracken Bracken
Cactus Cactus
Calico Calico
Doeskin Doeskin
Egyptian Cotton Egyptian Cotton
Gelato Gelato
Grey Grey
Hazlenut Hazlenut
Hemp Hemp
Leather Leather
Llama Llama
Macadamia Macadamia
Malt Malt
Mercury Mercury
Porcelain Porcelain
Rye Rye
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn

Sensation Heathers Range

Price per m²: 40.55

Almond Mousse Almond Mousse
Alpine Stone Alpine Stone
Bergan Frost Bergan Frost
Canyon Glow Canyon Glow
Coral White Coral White
Crescent Moon Crescent Moon
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal
Dunmore Creek Dunmore Creek
Greyhound Greyhound
Jute Jute
Lakeland Mist Lakeland Mist
Macadamia Macadamia
Ocean Tide Ocean Tide
Riga Surf Riga Surf
Sable Sable

Gemini Range

Price per m²: 40.55

Cosmic Ray Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Grey Galaxy Grey
Holcombe Clay Holcombe Clay
Kansas Wheat Kansas Wheat
Lawrence Linen Lawrence Linen
Linton Lead Linton Lead
Norwegian Blue Norwegian Blue
Pendle Felt Pendle Felt
Pennine Mist Pennine Mist
Pittsburgh Steel Pittsburgh Steel
Shetland Water Shetland Water
Somerset Ash Somerset Ash
Valley Smoke Valley Smoke

Primo Natural Range

Price per m²: 31.45

Bankside Beige Bankside Beige
Carob Carob
Chestnut Chestnut
Chiltern Flint Chiltern Flint
Eden Quartz Eden Quartz
Holywell Tin Holywell Tin
Midnight Grove Midnight Grove
Pecan Pecan
Sandstone Sandstone
Sterling Silver Sterling Silver
Walnut Walnut
Westmorland Slate Westmorland Slate
Wild Honey Wild Honey

Gloucester Range

Price per m²: 46.09

Bark Bark
Barley Barley
Beige Beige
Biscuit Biscuit
Oak Oak
Polar Polar
Truffle Truffle
Vanilla Vanilla

Chiltern Range

Price per m²:  28.91

Acacia Acacia
Ash Ash
Cashew Cashew
Cashmere Cashmere
Ebony Ebony
Elm Elm
Grouse Grouse
Hessian Hessian
Hickory Hickory
Oatmeal Oatmeal
Platinum Platinum
Vanilla Vanilla

Chiltern Highlights

Price per m²:  28.91

Alabaster Alabaster
Brume Brume
Flotsam Flotsam
Ice Ice
Mercury Mercury
Orchid Orchid
Penne Penne
Risotto Risotto
Sweetcorn Sweetcorn
Wolf Wolf

Hereford Loop Range

Price per m²: 30.50

Abberydore Abberydore
Allensmore Allensmore
Belmont Belmont
Bromyard Bromyard
Carey Carey
Holmer Holmer
Kilpeck Kilpeck
Madley Madley
Monkhide Monkhide
Peterchurch Peterchurch

Hereford Hobnail Range

Price per m²: 30.50

Abberydore Abberydore
Allensmore Allensmore
Belmont Belmont
Bromyard Bromyard
Carey Carey
Holmer Holmer
Kilpeck Kilpeck
Madley Madley
Monkhide Monkhide
Peterchurch Peterchurch

Cordoba Range

Price per m²:  26.25

Biscuit Biscuit
Fawn Fawn
Malt Malt
Pewter Pewter
Platinum Platinum
Silver Silver
Storm Storm

Grafton Twist Range

Price per m²:  28.41

521001 521001
521002 521002
521003 521003
521004 521004
521005 521005
521006 521006
521007 521007
521008 521008
521009 521009
521010 521010
521011 521011
521012 521012
521013 521013
521014 521014
521015 521015

Modernistic Range

Price per m²:  29.15

Earl Grey Earl Grey
Flint Flint
Lead Lead
Pebble Pebble
Sea Eye Sea Eye
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