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Recycled carpets have become more than a sustainable trend, they're proof that plastic waste turning into a soft, elegant, durable carpet for your home is one of the kindest things you can do for the planet.

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Advances of Recycled Polyester

Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions.
Sustaining recycled polyester is almost as good as newly produced polyester, but requires much less energy to produce.

Giving PET waste a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills. 

Using recycled polyester reduces our dependence on oil and natural gas as a source of raw materials. 

Why Recycled Production Must Be Made?

Today, the waste rate is increasing due to both industrialization and high consumption needs.

We live in an age where raw materials are limited and needs and demands are unlimited.

In addition, this increase in consumption rates is one of the main reasons of environmental pollution so this condition necessitates recycling.

The rapidly increasing plastic consumption has made the need for recycling inevitable. For this reason, it is necessary to use natural resources efficiently by reducing the consumption of existing natural resources and recycling recyclable wastes.

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