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Children’s Bedroom Top 10 Tips

Let’s face it the majority of children’s bedrooms are the smallest rooms in the house, which is one of the main problems that my clients find.

Here is a list of my top 1-10 solutions I have perfected through experience over the last few years that help to maximise the space in the best way possible.

That l hope will save you time and money.


Kids ottoman bed with storage for toys on a rug

Ottomans Beds are a fantastic space saver when it comes to organisation, which I am a huge fan of!

When a room is being used as a multifunctional space, our children’s bedrooms are their playrooms, study, gaming rooms, dance studios and still at the end of the day a relaxing space to recharge.

Ottoman beds are great for storing seasonal clothes away in storage boxes, small toys, art supplies like those Lego pieces you find yourself stepping on in your bare feet at one o’clock in the morning.


For the smaller bedrooms, you can purchase utility study bunks which are very compact and also cost-effective with everything built-in, they come in different configurations.

With options of study nooks, wardrobe compartments, a choice of single or double beds built in one piece or if you have the budget to invest in a bespoke bed frame this is a good solution if you have a very tight space to work with as some rooms are trickier than others.


For furniture pieces, choose slimline, compact pieces nothing too bulky to save space, keep it simple, a bedside table, a chest if needed and try to go for gender-neutral pieces, as they can in time be passed down to younger siblings as they outgrow them.

Another addition for storage that can work really well, is a blanket box that can be used to store extra bed linen, or toys that need to be close to hand.


There is nothing better to use than colour to create instant harmony and balance to space once you step foot inside. If it is used on the walls, keep it fresh and inviting, use calming tones – I am obsessed with all shades of blue at the moment,

Try Ormond wash or Icehouse complemented by French White from color trend – these are just a couple of my favourites. Choosing warm neutrals and adding an accent colour like yellow tones brings a burst of energy to the space or pink tones depending on who you are decorating the space for.

Check to see what their favourite colour is and include them into the design process which in turn will help them to be open to the changes and feel completely relaxed in their environment when it’s time to move in. Always purchase a sample pot of paint and paint a bit in different locations of the room that you have chosen, to see what it looks like at different times of the day and the forever changes in the weather before making that all-important decision.

A little girls drawing on her feature wall


Designing a feature wall and maximising the use of that extra space, there are so many fun ways to decorate your walls, this is the area you can let your imagination run free.

Sectioning a part of the wall and painting with blackboard paint is not only fun but practical.

For older children in the family, I would go with whiteboard paint and cork board tiles. Helping them to learn in a fun way and inspires their imaginations.

Another way I love to use colour is block colours choosing a shape like a hexagon or a rectangle or squares choose one shape and repeat in various sizes overlapping some adds interest and depth to your overall design.

Hardwood flooring in a child's bedroom with toys on top


A laminate floor is the best option for children’s bedrooms, it is fresh and clean, whether it’s spilling Calpol in the middle of the night or little sticky hands – it is affordable and very easy to keep clean.

It also has good stain and scratch resistance for those high traffic area. It is also non-allergenic (one out of four people suffer from a form of hay fever or allergy which can lead to poor sleep and low mood.) Specialist products can help reduce the suffering making it an ideal choice for a bedroom as the product does not trap dust, making it easy to clean.  Laminate flooring is a great way to quickly and inexpensively instantly transform a room.

If you have the budget and you want to add value to your home, hardwood and engineered wood flooring gives you better value and finish.

Adding a plush luxurious rug will achieve that warm cosy feeling underfoot, use the opportunity to make a statement – it not only adds texture to prevent the space from feeling flat and boring, it also is a perfect solution for sound absorption especially with children playing. I would recommend a shag pile rug for those of you that adore tactile materials, they are lavish, or a fluffy white faux fur rug feels soft and delicate and can be a very versatile use to dress the floor, draped over the end of a bed, or even a cushion for a chair for added texture and contrast.

A rug is an element you can easily inexpensively change with the trends or if needed.


Window dressings are a vital element when designing your child’s bedroom.

Window dressings create a cosy and personalised space, try roman blinds – they are super cute. Choose from various colours, patterns and styles or for the more contemporary/modern design blackout roller blinds are very popular, a good design should always give privacy and create a comfortable environment.

Choose from a large array of fabrics and finishes to suit your preferred style and taste. Some fun options include jungle prints to glow in the dark designs, I would highly recommend pairing your chosen fabric with blackout lining for a perfect aid for a restful night’s sleep.


When it comes to lighting, clients find it hard to get it right from the start, spotlights and a centre pendant l feel works best – it is not only aesthetically pleasing but the configuration is adaptable when setting a mood.

I also find wall mounted reading lights work very well for those bedtime stories and are easy for your little ones to be able to reach and turn off themselves. Add a touch of glam to every (big or small girls room) bedroom with fairy lights draped over shelves these can also double up as a night light, another option for night lights are very cute moon shape and star-shaped lamps. For older teenagers, I would hang LED strip lighting around the ceiling coving these can be operated by remote control and they can change the colour of the lights to suit their mood.

Floating shelfs on a wall in a kid's bedroom


Fun coloured floating shelves are a great way to dress a room to store books, family photos or to have their favourite toy to hand. If you have the space a wall mounted bookcase is ideal for storing smaller items of clothing in storage bins such as socks, hats and scarfs, hair accessories, babies nappies and creams etc


To finish and dress the space, if you have the space – add a fun element like a tepee with torches or hang a swing chair they will scream with excitement!

Your choice of window treatment fabric tie in with cushions for a window seat design with storage underneath or to upstyle and recover an old lampshade that is looking tired.

Introduce your child’s personality into the design with throws, cushions or their favourite novelty bedspread.

Using baskets for those extra stuffed animals to keep the clutter off the floor at the end of a busy day.

They are easy to use and easy for little helpers to join in the clear up,

Enjoy and have fun with it : )

Image of a woman interior designer

Kathrina McCabe

Des Kelly Interiors’ In-house Interior Designer

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