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Rugs to make your room look bigger.

Looking for the right rug for a tiny room can take a little time and effort. You need something that matches your space and style without overwhelming the whole room. When we decorate a room, the key is to make the most of the space. That’s why many of us like to use a trendy rug to make our smaller rooms look bigger. But, transforming your room into something amazing doesn’t just happen randomly; it requires having a good sense of style and choosing the perfect rug.

If you’re clueless about where to begin, don’t worry—this is the best spot to discover cool ways to decorate your home using a rug as a centrepiece. Get ready to learn some awesome tips from Des Kelly Interiors on how to pick the ideal rug that will totally amp up the space and make it super cozy!

Why Put a Rug in Your House?

Adding rugs to your home not only completes the overall look but also brings a touch of class, making your home feel more put-together. Let’s talk about how rugs can make a room feel bigger and cozier, but they have other advantages as well.

  • Chill and comfort– If you’re a fan of hardwood floors, adding a rug to your home can bring in a cozy and warm feel. This is especially the case in a common hangout area or bedrooms. If you have a little space where you entertain guests, having a rug that creates the illusion of a bigger room can be really helpful.
  • Quite- Tile or hardwood floors make all the sounds in a busy home stand out, whereas carpets and rugs soak up noise and make the surroundings more chill and peaceful.
  • Healthier you– Carpet usually captures allergens floating in the air of your house, so if you hoover often, people with allergies or breathing issues can breathe easier in a room with a rug.

Rugs are super comfy, fluffy, and timeless flooring choices that can totally spruce up any room, particularly a small one. Okay, now let’s check out what to look for when you’re buying a rug for a tiny room.

Go for a Large Rug

The trick to making a room appear bigger with rugs usually boils down to their size. Having the right-sized rug can make your room seem larger than it actually is, but there are other things that also play a part in creating that effect. The majority of people usually go for small area rugs, which end up making the room look smaller and disjointed. Some people attempt to use bunches of little rugs to cover more space, but that will just end up making the room seem tinier and divided up.

Instead, go for a bigger rug that ties the room together and makes it feel like one cohesive area. You could also go for a “big” rug, as long as it doesn’t take up too much space in the room. To prevent it from looking too crowded, make sure to keep the rug at least a foot away from each wall. And then there’s the furniture, you can have some furniture overlapping or just put the rug right in the middle of the room with a little space all around it.

It might be smarter to get your rug once you’ve figured out the room layout and furniture because the rug size relies on the furniture you have in the room. Don’t worry about placing your furniture on top of the rug instead of outside of it if it suits your room better. Some people think this makes the space look smaller, but that’s not true. You can even place only the front two legs of a furniture piece on the rug and still make the overall setup look good.

Pick a rug that has minimal or no texture.

Just so you know, tiny spaces fill up fast, so there’s no need to add a bunch of stuff to make them look and feel finished. It’s totally normal to want decor that reflects your personality and gives off a fun vibe. However, having too many textures can be visually captivating, but it might end up making your small space feel cramped and chaotic rather than cozy and inviting. We really like a rug with a lot of texture, but it’s better to use it in bigger rooms that have enough space for eye-catching rugs.

A lighter rug can still be super cozy and comfy, without becoming a major focus in the room. These rugs will be way easier to clean, so if you’ve got a busy area, ditch the fancy texture, and go for a short- to medium-pile rug instead.


A lot of folks are curious about which carpet colour can make a room appear larger because colour is such a powerful factor in design that catches our eyes. If there’s an awesome rug with vibrant colours that you totally love, here is a tip that pretty much works for a smaller room: stick to lighter shades. Darker shades soak up much of the light in the room and catch your attention, while lighter shades bounce off that light and brighten up the room. So, if you use light-coloured rugs in your small room, it will make the space feel brighter, airier, and ultimately appear bigger.

The smartest move is to go for soft shades, earthy tones, and a hint of off-white to make the room pop. Neutrals are great for a sleek, minimalistic vibe and they’ll totally stay in style for years to come. If you’re going to splurge on a big, fancy rug, go for a neutral one that’ll match tons of different styles, even as your taste evolves. If you find neutrals to be a bit boring, you can liven up the entire room with a soft pastel shade that adds a touch of colour. Either way, using light colours will make your small space feel more airy.

Do’s and Don’ts for Patterns

Patterns are a supercool way to jazz up your room, but just like colour and texture, not all patterns are going to make your space look brighter and more spacious. If you want to put a cool design on your rug. Make sure the pattern size matches the room size.

For instance, if you want to make a small area appear bigger, we recommend using a bigger pattern that isn’t overly crowded. But if you have a lot of furniture taking up most of the room, you can opt for a smaller design to even things out. If you’re not sure about which pattern to choose, we suggest going for thin strips and lines. These will give your space a classic and timeless look without making it feel too crowded.

Which Rugs Make a Room Look Bigger?

  • Get a large area rug that can handle all your furniture or one that’s got around 8 to 12 inches of empty floor space around it.
  • Don’t use materials with too little or no texture.
  • Choose light or soft colours, like neutrals or pastels.

If you want to start looking for some rugs to make your home super cozy and fancy, then you should definitely check out the awesome selection of rugs instore at Des Kelly Interiors.

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